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MarcomCentral Salesforce Integration

The MarcomCentral Salesforce integration allows MarcomCentral customers to work concurrently within Salesforce, pull key customer data and dynamically import it into their MarcomCentral portal to create one-to-one, customized deliverables that speak to each unique customer profile. The result is hyper-personalized marketing campaigns that speak to customers on an individual level, increasing overall potential for sales success.

Key Benefits

Provide easy access to all marketing assets without leaving Salesforce
Work across programs in real-time, pull CRM data to create customized assets

Use Lead/Contact data to produce relevant and personalized sales materials
Reach out based on unique customer profiles and preferences

Automate the creation of customized email and print campaigns
Free your time with peace-of-mind you’re always connected to your customers

Update assets in real time with fresh content
Break free from cluttered and confusing share drives to keep everyone in the know

Take control of a complete campaign
Monitor versioning and keep teams in sync with content usage at all times

Company Profiles

Salesforce.com is an enterprise grade customer relationship management (CRM) application that is provided in a software as a service (SaaS) model. Salesforce.com is currently the most commonly used CRM application within the world’s largest organizations.

MarcomCentral® empowers sales teams, field marketers, partners and other authorized users with real-time access to produce custom yet 100% corporate-compliant marketing pieces. The result is more targeted, revenue-driving communications all within your unique, overarching brand control guidelines.

Get It

MarcomCentral for Salesforce is available free for MarcomCentral Enterprise accounts (Salesforce accounts are also required). If you have any questions during installation, just contact us.

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